The 10 Key Elements of an Effective Long-Tail Landing Page

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This article describes in detail the key elements that must be optimized in order for a page with long-tail keywords to be successful and generate conversions.

1. 100% SEO-optimized Landing Page Code. It is essential (and also a major determining factor) that the code with which the long-tail landing pages are developed is 100% SEO-optimized. The key is clean code, without errors or that doesn’t overuse technologies that search engines cannot interpret easily.

2. Long-tail Landing Page Design. The design is very important because it’s the brand image. Long-tail landing pages should have the same design as the website to assure users browsing the website, without them worrying whether it is a landing page or a page inside the site.

3. Updated and Upgradeable Content. Content is a key tool in attracting the user and search engine algorithms. Content that has been purposely optimized for each long-tail landing page gives users the confidence that they will find what they are looking for on the page. On the other hand, creating a permanent new content will attract new users and search engine robots (mainly Google, as the Google robots that analyze web pages value a site that publishes new content very highly).

4. Action, It is important to have a button in the body of the page, next to the titles and contents, that encourages user action. A button that stands out immediately and contains text that invites users to click on it. In short, a button to convert those users.

5. Social. We can’t miss out on the potential of the most popular social networks (Facebook and Twitter). Exchanging links with other users allows new users to discover our website, visit it and become interested in what we are offering.

6. Page Title. The page title is one of the most important elements in search engine positioning. What’s more, the title is the element that will attract users to the different results provided by search engines. Using keywords and positioning them properly in the recommended 170 characters for the title are some of the factors that help the positioning of the long-tail landing page.

7. Internal Titles: H1 is an internal title of a page. This type of title gives clues to search engines regarding those elements that stand out among all the contents on a page. Hence, it is essential to optimize H1 titles by incorporating long-tail keywords.

8. Internal Linking Structure. The internal links are like the circulatory system of a website. They contain information and keep the site interconnected at different levels. A proper architecture of internal linking must be based on a semantic strategy that creates a relationship between content and optimizes the links that connects that content.

9. Long-tail Landing Page Web Map. This is the index of the long-tail landing pages. The list is optimized with links to each of the long-tail landing pages. This index is extremely useful, enabling search engines to crawl and determine all current and updated content on a website.

10. Code Setting for Tracking Conversions. If you implement these recommendations but you still can’t see what impact they have on your website, you cannot make decisions for the future. It is essential to measure everything that happens on the website in order to act quickly or intensify action. If you implement long-tail landing pages, it is very important to set filters that allow you to determine the particular performance of these pages.

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