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The friends feature available in elgg is pretty basic. You add a friend, wait until he adds you, you get a notification letting you know he added you as a friend, and it ends there. Out of the box there is no extra functionality and adding more functions is sort of complicated. One of the missing key features of this plugin is the “Suggested Friends” which we see on major social networks and has been very useful for users, because it lets them find old friends and classmates. In this article I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to add “Suggested Friends” in elgg 1.8.

1. Download Suggested Friends plugin for elgg 1.8

2. Once downloaded, upload the file to the mod folder of your elgg installation.

3. Next log into elgg as an Administrator. Go to menu “Configure -> Plugins”:


4. Then search for “Suggested Friend Extended” plugin and activate it:

25. Let’s configure the plugin. Go to menu “Configure > settings > Suggested Friend Extended”:


6. In the configuration page you are able to set how many suggestion you want to show and also the criteria that you want to use to show suggestions to your users.

This is the criteria that you can change with this tool:

  1. Friend’s suggestion based on sex.
  2. Friend’s suggestion based on age.
  3. Friend’s suggestion based on interests.
  4. Friend’s suggestion based on location.
  5. Friend’s suggestion for nearby members.


7. After you’re done configuring the criteria, click on save to apply the changes on your network:


This concludes Suggested Friends in Elgg

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