Steps to Install PHPMotion in a Sub Directory

PHPMotion will not work properly when installed inside a sub directory on the server. You will not be able to upload videos until you make necessary modifications to the relevant files as mentioned below

Step 1

Edit the following files


Note – Locate files inside cgi-bin and cgi-bin/audio folders

Provide your folder name by substituting the entry – myvideos for the following parameters


Step 2

Edit the following files located on the root of the domain


Provide your folder name by substituting the entry – myvideos for the following parameters


Step 3

Edit .htaccess file located on the root with the name of your installation folder. The default folder name is myvideos as you can see in the below snippet.

#----- if phpmotion is installed in a sub directory edit the RewriteBase as follows -----#
  # EXAMPLE => RewriteBase /myvideos
  # EXAMPLE => RewriteBase /myvideos
RewriteBase /

I was able to successfully upload videos after doing the above modifications. However, few pages on the demo install still doesn’t work properly and throws HTTP 404 error.

If you are a beginner, you should install PHPMotion on the root to avoid the above procedure.

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