Spam protection for Elgg 1.9

Elgg networks must be protected at all costs against spam attacks, not only to keep your site up and running, but also to keep the integrity of your servers. In this article I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to make your Elgg site less prone to spammers or bot spammers. 

Getting Started

1. Download the plugin Spam Filter for elgg 1.9

2. Log into your elgg network as an Administrator, and open the Administration Dashboard.

3. Go to menu “Configure > Plugins“:


3. Search for “Spam Login Filter ” and activate it:

activate spam login filter elgg 19

4. Configure the Plugin.

Go to menu “Configure > Settings > Spam Login Filter“:

configuring spam filter elgg tutorials arvixe hosting

5. There are some optional configuration that we strongly recommend to set up. For instance, create an account in Fassim (a free anti spammer plugin) to get an API key and copy the api in the “fassim key API” field

Enter on E-mail black list if you are getting spams for a specific email or emails accounts.

Check the option “Check for Spammers on login”

6. And that’s it! Your elgg network is now fully protected!

This Concludes Spam protection for Elgg 1.9

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Happy Hosting!

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