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Hello everyone! Today we are going to discuss how to manage your spam cleaning options. With Xenforo you have ton’s of options that allow you to actively counter spam. You can control some of these from the admin panel. How you configure spam filtering is completely up to you.

So where can I find this stuff you ask? Well I will show you how and explain the spam countermeasure options that are contained on Xenforo.

So first off we will go ahead and log into our forum admin panel and you will see the home page. Here you will see a box that says Options like so:


So I have highlighted the Options button on the home page of your admin panel go ahead and click that and you will be taken to the options page like so:


So here you will have to scroll down and as you can see as I have highlighted above you will click on Spam Management. Once you do that you will see this page:


I know that this is  a lot of information. All of this is default settings that I am not going to touch in detail in this tutorial. So we are going to scroll about 3/4 of way down the page and you will see this part of the options:


In my opinion these are the most important settings of this whole thing. The section that the arrow is pointing is what allows you to select what to do with posts that are declared as spam. Here you can do the following:

Set what is default way to handle spam posts that are set as so.

What to do with the posts that are marked as spam (IE. Delete, Remove from View etc.) 

The default here is remove from public view. I change mine to Delete.

Spam is annoying and getting rid of it is very important. Keeps your forum looking nice and keeps unwanted people from messing up all of the hard work that you have put into your website.

At the bottom you can select the type of CAPTCHA that you want enabled on your site. Most spammers have ways around reCAPTCHA so I use something else such as Solvemedia which makes your guests solve a media question via typing something in after viewing a picture or short video.

The section looks like this:


It’s up to you but after you select what you want to do please make sure that you select save to save your settings like so:


There you have it! If you have any questions please feel free to ask away!

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