Solving SQL Reporting Server and UAC Error

A couple of weeks ago I was setting up a new laptop and had installed SQL Reporting Services 2012. Everything on the install went surprising quite easy. I opened a browser and typed in the classic http://localhost/reports and after a few minutes the following error message appeared.

“User ‘DOMAIN\user’ does not have required permissions. Verify that sufficient permissions have been granted and Windows User Account Control (UAC) restrictions have been addressed.”

The crazy thing is that I am a domain administrator so why will this not work? After spending some time looking around and trying different solutions I found a pretty simple resolution.

1. Run your browser in administrator role. (figure 1)
runasadmin1(figure 1)

2. Enter this in the url : http://localhost.Reports (figure 2)
(note: Do Not use http://<<Server Name>>/reports)

localhost(figure 2)

3. Go to the Folder Settings (figure 3) and assign role browser (figure 4) and content manager to your administrator (figure 5).
(note: Make sure you do this at the root folder)

SSRS_figure3(figure 3) SSRS_figure4(figure 4) SSRS_figure5(figure 5)

4. Close browser and try launching regularly.

And that’s it!

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2 Comments on Solving SQL Reporting Server and UAC Error

  1. oleg says:

    David…I am having hell of a time with Arvixe trying to setup the reports. We have installed Report Builder (RB) on our end, built a dummy test report, and no matter what we do, we either get eerror that we don’t have sufficient rights to preview the report (in RB), or when we upload into Report Server, its just blank. Lots of emails back and forth between us and Arvixe, but it seems no-one understands what they are doing…its been over a week…is there anyway you can help?? … or if you have done something different that we are not doing…or something we need to tell Arvixe to do (because again, they don’t seem to understand SSRS and how to set it up)…please help 🙂

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