Solutions for Several Issues Frequently Asked in TomatoCart Community

In this article, I will teach you how to solve the issues reported by some community users. Some of the problems are caused by the web server. The others are caused by the wrong configurations for the store.

Problem 1. Fatal error: Invalid opcode 98/1/1.

For some store front, the following error will be thrown:

Fatal error: Invalid opcode 98/1/1. in /home/*********/public_html/store/includes/classes/database.php on line 429

Reason of this problem:

It is due to the empty cache file existing in the includes/work directory. For php version used in the web server, a few of code snippet in the database.php doesn’t work correctly.


1. Go to includes/classes/database.php.

2. Find the line 429:

list(, $this->result) = '';

Replace it with:

$this->result = null;

Problem 2. No animation as clicking the add to cart button.

When add products to cart the products is added but no animation happens. I want some animation to know when the products is added

Reason of this problem:

It is due to that the gzip page compression wasn’t supported by your web server. In this case, when you install the output compression service under TomatoCart administrator panel > Modules > Service, some fatal error will be thrown as accessing your store front. 


Disable the output compression service or ask your web host provider to enable the gzip page compression for your web server.

Problem 3. Failed to upload products images in the administrator panel.

When I upload a new product the images no appears, I need go to root directory on the server and add the images manually. When I installed the site in first time, the images upload automatically

Reason of this problem:

You must deleted the original image group under admin panel > definitions > image groups and then created it again. This action resulted in the image group id of the original group was changed from 1 to 6 in your database. In this case, the system code to resize the uploaded image for each group can’t find the correct code of the original group. Finally, the action to resize the uploaded image is failed. That’s the reason why you can’t find the uploaded images in the images/products/mini and images/products/product_info directories etc.


Run following sql in your database management tool of your host cpanel:

update table toc_products_images_groups set id = 1 where code = 'originals';

Note: you should replace the toc_ prefix with your own.

If you find any problem in your store, please post it in TomatoCart community or TomatoCart github. We will deal with it quickly.

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