Solutions for Several Frequently Asked Questions in TomatoCart

Question 1. Why the Max Quantity unit was ignored

Product available in 1 quantity and max order quantity is set to 1. Unlimited box is unchecked. 
Customer orders (and pays) 4 units. Product quantity in my admin area is now -3.

What have I done wrong?


You have to set your stock checkout under admin panel > start > configuration > configuration > stock. Please set the allow checkout to false.


In this waya product can only be ordered when in stock.  When a new order is made with only 1 item in stock and the customer order 4, the following message will be shown to the customer:

Products marked with *** don’t exist in desired quantity in our stock.
Please change the quantity of the marked products.

Question 2. Why “shop by price” feature gone error after adding the new currencies into the store

I changed the default currency as Indian Rupee (INR) and put its value as 1. I changed the price of US dollar, GBP and EURO as well accordingly. But surprised to see that the “shop by price” feature on homepage of my website went wrong and showing the error message as:

Warning: constant() [function.constant]: Couldn’t find constant BOX_SHOP_BY_PRICE_INR in /home/content/29/11433229/html/includes/modules/boxes/shop_by_price.php on line 32


It is due to the new currencies added into the store. After adding the currencies, it is necessary to uninstall the shop by price box module and install it again.

In this way, it will be available to all the new currencies. Otherwise, the module will not work as expected.

Question 3. Why the shopping cart become empty after logging in 

If I select an item and put it in my cart and then log in or create an account the cart empties. This would be frustrating to customers,


There is a configuration for this under admin panel > configuration > configuration > my store. Please set the ‘Synchronize cart with the database when customer logged in‘ to false.


Question 4. How can we modify the note “Your products will arrive at their destination within 2-5 working days.” after Order Has Been Processed


Go to admin panel > Start menu > Definitions > Languages to edit the content. Please find the order_processed_successfully in the checkout group and then just edit it.


Hopefully, these solutions are also useful for you. I recommend you to ask the problems in the community. The community users and moderators could help you. If you find any bug of TomatoCart, please post it in TomatoCart github – TomatoCart team will check it, accept it and then resolve it.  Finally, you will get the solution in the github. Before posting it, please read the procedure of posting issues at

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6 Comments on Solutions for Several Frequently Asked Questions in TomatoCart

  1. Priya says:

    How can i display maximum order quantity in product detail page?

    • Jack Yin says:

      It’s easy to achieve it. Please enable it as follows:

      1. Log into your admin panel.

      2. Go to Configuration > Configuration > Product Details.

      3. Set Display Product Minimum Order Quantity to True.

      That’s it.

    • Jack Yin says:


      1. Go to templates > glass_gray > content > products > info.php.

      2. Add following code into it:

      echo $osC_Product->getData(‘products_max_order_quantity’)

  2. Israel says:


    Did you know how or where display the ‘faqs’ in the store?
    I’ve write some, but i cannot find it in the site.

  3. chirag says:

    can we set minimum order price in any way??

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