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Does your social networking site use an SSL certificate in combination with the YN MetroUI theme? If so, you might be experiencing a few issues. In order to use an SSL certificate with this theme, a few small changes need to be made. In this article, I will go through those changes for you.

The common issue when using this theme with an SSl certificate causes the theme not to render properly and can create a few jQuery conflicts. The reason for this is due to tree scripts/styles that will become blocked by your browser and so, is not running.

These three scripts/styles are:




to be able to edit these you will need to go to:


Use your own selected PHP editor.

Step 1:

Locate http://ajax.googleap…y/1.7/jquery.js in line 126 and change it to https://ajax.googlea…y/1.7/jquery.js

Step 2:

Locate http://fonts.googlea…latin,latin-ext in line 135 and change it to…latin,latin-ext

Step 3:

Locate http://fonts.googlea…amese,latin-ext in line 139 and change it to…amese,latin-ext

Save the BootHelper.php and overwrite the existing one on your server using your preferred FTP client, set your SE admin on Development mode to delete existing cache and refresh your site.

Then switch back to production once again.

Here it is, your website will load fine on HTTPS and no more error will show


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