SocialEngine 4: Video Player Control Bar Doesn’t Function

Alter the FlowPlayer to pull the duration data from the database, rather from the video header. Note this technique may not be compatible with all FFMPEG/Apache version combinations.

Edit ./templates/video.tpl and change:

config: {
  clip: {
    url: '{/literal}{$url->url_base}{$video_info.video_dir|replace:'./':''}{$video_info.video_id}.flv{literal}',
    autoPlay: false,
    autoBuffering: true


   { clip: { 
	url: '{/literal}{$url->url_base}{$video_info.video_dir|replace:'./':''}{$video_info.video_id}.flv{literal}', duration: {/literal}{$video_info.video_duration_in_sec}{literal}, 
	autoPlay: false, 
	autoBuffering: true 

This should now fix any problems you have been having with the Control Bar.

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