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I have been asked a few time how users can be trusted or even know if they are real and the answer is simple.

When Building your Social Network it is important to build trust with your members so they know who they are talking to and know its not another site full of fake profiles trying to make something seem bigger than it is.

Using a Verification System allows you to see proof of that person to ensure they are who they claim to be.

There are many reasons to have a verification system running on your site, It helps keep your site clean from trolls, fake users, spammers, it also encourages other members to join your site knowing that the users are real and their experience once you site will pass down to other friends of theirs ect… allowing you to build a better social networking site for all.

You can create your own Verification system or use a 3rd party system which is built specially for the social networking systems.

There are two current 3rd Party’s who provide such system even through both provide the same end result they both have very different functions.


+ Allows members to apply for Verified status in member’s profile
+ Allows members to upload official document for screening
+ Allows Site Admin to define text and upload sample images of required document
+ Allows Site Admin to define and verify members’ personal information (profile picture, name, date of birth, location)
+ Displays Verified badges on member profile and verified information (profile picture, name, date of birth, location)
+ Auto remove Verified Status when member changes verified information (profile picture, name, date of birth, location)

Admin Feature

+ Profile Verify Manager: Verify profile authenticity, Approve, Deny application.
+ Enable/Disable add-on
+ Define Info to be verified (Avatar, Location, Age, Gender)
+ Upload Verify Badge Image
+ Enable/Disable 3 allowed types of document
+ Upload Sample Images for 3 allowed types of document
+ Enable/Disable disallowed type of document
+ Upload Sample Image for disallowed type of document


Site Admin can manage verification with operations like: view, approve, disapprove and delete.
Verification Button widget can be placed anywhere on the Member Profile page.
Versatile Plugin: This plugin can be used for various features like Member Voting, etc. This is also useful for a large variety of online communities like Professional, Educational and Interest based social networks.

Member Levels Settings
Choose the Member Levels which members of a Member Level be able to verify.
Choose the Member Levels, members of which should be verifi-able by others.
Verification type for members of a member level (auto-approved or admin-approved).
Verification threshold for members of a member level.
Verification cancellation: Should members be able to cancel their verification for members of a member level?

Both Systems are similar to a point but that you can get a user verified just have a different method behind both of them.

I have used the verification system on 3 of my Social Sites and it does help a lot to keep the site true and clean.


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