SocialEngine 4: Speed up your Site

Do you find SE slow and you have your own dedicated Server follow the info here to help speed up your site.

If you have any websites, make sure and read this. A lot of good information:
More info on pagespeed project.

If you have a dedicated server, you can install mod_pagespeed from google.

mod pagespeed

I tested it and it improved my loading time from 5 seconds to about 2.5 seconds. Very fast!

Of course there are also a lot of things that you can do to make it even faster, but this is a good start.

Other things you might want to consider:
– Minifying all the javascript and css files
There are a few mods that can do this for you. If someone has them, please share.

– Convert Language Pack CSV files to a PHP Array
Doing this give you errors and it is an easy fix.
What happens is that SE combines all the files in an array and stores them in a file called “eng.php” under your language directory (or whatever language you use)
The problem is some of the mods did not follow the guidelines and they use characters in the language file they are not supposed to.
Just look at the error log file on your server. It tells you which line the error is on. Edit the file and fix the language string and your server will be back up and running (you have to clear your cache to see the new change), and the error might be in more than one line).

-use caching: Xcache (the best), APC (good), memcache (not bad), File-based (Not so good)
Remember you can only use one. Make sure your server is only configured to run only one of these methods.

-instead of using .htaccess to do all your configuration, try to use the server resources instead if you have access to the server config files.

– There are other things that can be done to speed up SE, but this will definitely give you a high boost.

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