SocialEngine 4: SMTP Setup

Are you Feed up of your SE E-mails going into SPAM and members not getting their messages as quickly as possible here is a guide how to setup SMTP so your e-mails should go right into the INBOX and not SPAM.

Use SMTP mail settings in your MAIL SETTINGS from admin panel

Create and email address for your se4 domain in hosting control panel


pass: 123456

Now from se4 admin panel

setting—>mail settings

From Name —> Your Site Name

From Address:

Email Queue—No, always send emails immediately

choose this—-> Send emails through an SMTP server

SMTP Server Address:
SMTP Server Port: 25
SMTP Authentication: YES
SMTP Username:
SMTP Password: 123456 (the one you set in your email)
Use SSL or TLS? —> None

Make Sure Your Hosting Company Supports SMTP if you are on shared server

If on VPS or Dedicated then no problem

SMTP emails reduces chances of email to go in spam, they directly go in inbox

And make sure your server ip is not blacklisted in spamhaus

Here is url to check server ip in spamhaus

This method works perfect for gmail and hotmail emails

But you may see it may go to yahoo spam even in SMTP.

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