SocialEngine 4: Sites Not Acting Normal

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Admin Panel – Stats > Server Information

If your site seems to not be behaving normally, you should first check your server’s configuration settings to be sure that it meets SocialEngine’s minimum requirements and is optimally configured. If you notice a server misconfiguration and would like to change the configuration settings, your hosting provider should be able to assist you.

Accessing your Server Information Page

To access the Server Information page, you will need to be logged into your Admin Panel and then go to Stats > Server Information.



Note that depending on the version of SocialEngine you are using, it might be located on a different place compared to the screen shot.

Configuration Tips for Optimization and Common Issues



Sometimes you might receive an error stating that PHP has exhausted its memory. This error usually occurs when PHP tries use more memory that your servers php.ini config file permits. This problem can be corrected by increasing the memory_limit directive to 64M or 128M if additional memory is required.




If you receive an error such as “‘The given destination is no directory or does not exist” when uploading files even thought you do have a public and a temporary directory with 777 permissions recursively on your server in the SocialEngine root directory, it could be that the PHP directive open_basedir is currently enabled on your website and may be interfering with SocialEngine’s ability to access the /tmp directory. Please contact your hosting provider and ask them to disable this directive and see if that resolves the problem.




post_max_size & upload_max_filesize

File uploads in version 4 are bound by the values of the PHP directives post_max_size and upload_max_filesize. By default the value these directives are set to 8MB and 2MB respectively.



If these values need to be increased, you can try adding the following to the .htaccess file in your SocialEngine root directory:

php_value post_max_size 100M php_value upload_max_filesize 100M
The above may not work on all servers. If adding the above rules to your .htaccess file does not affect the value of your website’s post_max_size and upload_max_filesize directives, please contact your hosting provider and have them increase the value of these directives for you.


If your site seems to sometimes get a blank page or content while trying to view a page or fail when performing an action your site might be losing connection with its database. This usually occurs if the mysqli.reconnect directive is disabled (OFF) on your server which can significantly increase the number of connections made to the MySQL server. If PHP loses connection to the MySQL server and this directive is disabled, PHP will throw a Fatal error halting the scripts execution, however because of the interactive_timeout and wait_timeout values, the database connections may continue to persist for 8 hours, as that is the default values. In the very least, this directive should be enabled in your server to prevent this problem from happening.



you should Check your Social Site setup if you have made any changes to your server or even moved to a new server.


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