SocialEngine 4: Rebuilding Privacy

If your site is experiencing issues with privacy not working properly, SocialEngine 4 can run tasks to repair any existing privacy settings. This also solves privacy bugs inherited in our initial release of the SE3-to-SE4 migration script.

Rebuild Privacy Instructions

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    As with any major site change, it is always highly recommended to backup your site prior to making site changes. Additionally, SocialEngine version 4.0.4 is required to use these tools. If you are on a previous version, please upgrade first.
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    Log into your site’s Admin panel, then look under the “Settings” menu for “Task Scheduler” and click on it.
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    Select “Rebuild Privacy” from the Category dropdown menu (and leave all the other filtering options empty), then click the “Filter” button.
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    Check the checkbox in the table header, which will check all the subsequent checkboxes, then click “Run Selected Now” at the bottom of the page.
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    The rebuild privacy processes are now queued to run. This process will take a while, though will be done periodically using our Task Scheduler, so that no serious server load is created in the process.
  • »By default, the Task Scheduler is triggered by site traffic; you can circumvent this by one of two ways: click the link “Enable Auto-Refresh” and leave this window open, or access the “Task Controller Settings” tab and change SocialEngine’s Task Scheduler to use a cronjob instead (you may need assistance from your hosting provider if you are not familiar with creating/configuring cronjobs).

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