SocialEngine 4: No token Was Provided

Andrew - SocialEngineHave you ever been prompted with the error No token was provided when using the SocialEngine blog feature or another module?

This error appears mostly when a plugin has become corrupt and cannot attach the file created with the user creating it.

In this article, I will show you how you can troubleshoot said error message.

To to fix this problem, ensure you are running the latest version of Social Engine and also the latest plugin you are having this error with.

To Fix this problem make sure all your File Permissions are correct to start with.

Visit the Social Engine website and enter your client area where you can re-download the latest version of the plugin even if you have the latest version it is best to re-download as your version may be corrupted which caused this error.

Once you have Downloaded the plugin go to your admin area > Manage Plugins > Upload Plugin

Browse your computer for the recently downloaded plugin and then click summit.

this will then re-upload the whole plugin replacing the current files with these New ones.

Once the upload is complete try to Do your Blog ect… again this time you will notice everything works fine.

If you still have the issue open a topic on our Forum were i will be able to help you out.


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