SocialEngine 4: Memcache Errors After Migration or Configuration Change

This Blog addresses memcaching errors appearing which prevent your SocialEngine or SocialEngine admin panel from loading. These typically follow a server migration, or a large change in server configuration that shuts down memcaching. These error messages typically involve:

1 Warning: memcache_connect() [function.memcache-connect]: Can't connect
2 to localhost:11211

Because the memcaching errors prevent the admin panel from loading, it is recommended that your reset your caching and session settings to default via the MySQL database. To return the settings to default in the database:

  • 1 Access your MySQL SocialEngine database. This is typically done through phpMyAdmin, accessible in cPanel/Plesk.
  • 2 Open the table se_settings.
  • 3 There will only be one row in this table – edit this row. Set the following values, replacing the old entries:
    • setting_cache_default:

      [code] file[/code]

    • setting_cache_file_options:


    • setting_cache_memcache_options:


    • setting_session_options:


Upon saving these settings, your cache and session settings will have returned to default, allowing you to access your site and admin panel.

In some instances, the server will continue to return error messages on the sessions and caching page of the admin panel. While these error messages are non-destructive, they can be addressed by simply clicking the X next to Server 1 in your memcache session settings, then click save. This will keep your server from attempting to contact the localhost to check the memcache settings.

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