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Have you ever wanted to sort through your members to clean them out? For example inactive customers.

Sometimes you would have over 20+ pages to go through with only 10 members per page doing the site maintenance feels like  a drag.

With this simple mod you will be able to change how many members are shown on each page increasing the display number makes taking care of the maintenance much easier and helps you get through the list faster.

Edit : /application/modules/User/controllers/AdminManageController.php


// Make paginator$this->view->paginator = $paginator = Zend_Paginator::factory($select);
$this->view->paginator = $paginator->setCurrentPageNumber( $page );

you will then need to add the following line

$this->view->paginator = $paginator->setItemCountPerPage(50);

Once the edit has been made it will look something like this

// Make paginator$this->view->paginator = $paginator = Zend_Paginator::factory($select);
$this->view->paginator = $paginator->setCurrentPageNumber( $page );
$this->view->paginator = $paginator->setItemCountPerPage(50);
$this->view->formValues = $valuesCopy;

Now you can save the changes and upload back to your server, once you refresh you Admin Panel Manage Member section instead of 10 members you will see 50

You can use any number from 1 to 1000+ but the more you display any changes like bulk deleting will take  along time to process.


Always make a backup of the original file in-case you need to revert back at a later stage also after each SocialEngine upgrade this mod will need to be redone.

Tested on 4.8.9



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Hi, I'm Andrew. A am a 26, ICT Administrator which offers support to company's around the South Wales Area. I have created a few social sites for myself and other company's. So far 2 out of 3 have been successful using the powerful SocialEngine Script. I continue to try and help the community of SocialEngine by giving Support and Technical Help where possible.

2 Comments on SocialEngine 4: Increase Manage Members Page Count

  1. akinola says:

    Now i know how to remove inactive members from my page. Thanks

  2. opel says:

    Is good that we have people like you online. Teaching people on how to manage people on their social page is great.

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