SocialEngine 4: .Htaccess Incorrect Directory

Are you having issues with SocialEngine not loading on your Hosting provider?Andrew - SocialEngine

If your root directory is known as public this could be the problem follow the information below to get around the problem.

The .htaccess file used by SocialEngine has the following line:

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} public\/ [OR]

This condition matches if SocialEngine is installed in a directory tree containing a directory name ending in “public”. So, it fails if, for example, the web root directory is called “public”. Some hosting control panels like ServerPilot create sites with a web root called “public”.

The correct fix is change REQUEST_FILENAME to REQUEST_URI so that the above line reads:

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} public\/ [OR]

The justification for why REQUEST_URI is correct is that it should be looking for “public” in the request, not in the full directory path on the server. The Apache docs describe REQUEST_FILENAME as “The full local filesystem path to the file or script matching the request” whereas REQUEST_URI is “The path component of the requested URI.”

This would have now fixed your problem

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