SocialEngine 4: How to Redesign Maintenance Page

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Do you wish for you Social Site to still look like a professional site even when its offline for maintenance.

By default the offline screen is very basic and does not give the impression of a great site behind that screen.

Most users leave the Maintenance Page as it is, where others like to customise their giving the professional look it deserves.

To be able to edit this page you will need to know basic HTML coding where you will need a text editor like notepad (Windows Default) or notepad++ (Advanced Version).

If you find HTML Coding hard to get to grips with you can also use webpage editors which will write the coding for you while you just drop and place items around the site were you like them to be.

Before you can edit this file you first need to locate it and download it to your machine for a local copy to play around with while you create your piece of art.

To download the file you need you need to open your FTP Program i.e. FileZilla once connected to your SocialEngine Site enter the application folder and near the bottom you will see a file called maintenance.html select this file to download to your machine.

Once Downloaded you can open the file in your desired method for editing HTML Files.

After you have made all your changes and you are happy with the final design you can you can now upload it back to your site overwriting your current file.

Once its uploaded you can set your site into Maintenance mode and take a look at your new professional maintenance page.

Say goodbye to the old version and welcome to the new and exciting once.





Always remember to ensure you have a backup of the original file in-case you need to revert back to it later.

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