SocialEngine 4: Create New Pages/Add to Menu

How to create New Pages / Add to Menu
How to access pages once created

I would just like to introduce to you how to create a new page and how to access it once created, and how to add to your menu where Home / Invite and Members is.

Here goes:

1. Login to your SocialEngine 4 admin panel

2. Under the Layout menu, click the Layout Manager link

3. From the Layout Manager page, click the New Page link

4. Specify a title for the page and click Create Page

5. Click the Edit Page Info link and specify a value for the PAGE URL option (for example, “mypage”) and click Save Changes

6. Click the Edit columns link to specify a layout for that page

7. Next drag blocks from the Available Blocks list into the Layout manager Note:

  • To add custom HTML drag the HTML widget to the page
  • You can have multiple HTML widgets the same page
  • Not all widgets can be placed on user-created pages. For instance, Plugin blocks cannot be added to pages you create.

8. Once you have finished making creating your page, click Save Changes

Viewing your new page
To view the page you just created, go to Replace your_page_url with the value specified in step 5. (for example,

Adding a link to your page on the main menu
When you add a link to the page in your main menu, use the full URL path to the page (i.e.

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Andrew Cross

Hi, I'm Andrew. A am a 26, ICT Administrator which offers support to company's around the South Wales Area. I have created a few social sites for myself and other company's. So far 2 out of 3 have been successful using the powerful SocialEngine Script. I continue to try and help the community of SocialEngine by giving Support and Technical Help where possible.

2 Comments on SocialEngine 4: Create New Pages/Add to Menu

  1. Sij says:

    if i need to change the url from “” to “” where i need to changes(pages–>entries)

    • Andrew Cross says:

      This is not an easy task which required advanced skills of php and socialengine, you need to change alot of core files and database entires this is not recommend to do as it can cause alot of issues within socialengine, also on each upgrade the changes would go back to default.

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