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In the past, many users have asked how do you set up a Cron Job in Social Engine.

The method to do this is very simple, any tasks that require a schedule are already programmed in SocialEngine.

Sometimes you may find that the system for some strange reasons isn’t running its tasks correctly.

By changing the method the task is run at could help fix this problem.

First off you will need to Enter your Admin Panel and Navigate to the Task Scheduler within the Settings Tab.

Once you have reached that page you will see all the jobs that currently programmed to run.

If you have noticed they have failed more times then they have run it might be worth changing a few settings to help trigger the Jobs to run as intended.

You will need to click on Task Scheduler Settings.

On this page you will notice all the settings needed to change the type of trigger used for the takes in question.The trigger method is how the jobs are run by your system.

“SocialEngine recommend the defaults to be cURL or Socket since they use asynchronous HTTP requests. However, if you would like the have more control over the scheduling of when the jobs you can switch to Cron. However, you will need to setup cron in crontab or Windows Task Scheduler.”

Once you have selected Cron you will need to Click the Save Changes Button before you are given the Cron details.

The Code provided will look Similar to the following

Please set one of the the following commands to run in crontab or the windows task scheduler about every 1 minute: 

Requires wget command line utility (Linux-only):
"echo $(wget -O - '') 2>&1 >> '/home/yourdomian/domains/'"

Requires php command line utility (check that php-cli is installed and set up correctly):
"echo $(php -f '/home/yourdomain/domains/' 'controller=utility,action=tasks,key=4a6d5d15,notrigger=1') 2>&1 >> '/home/yourdomain/domains/'"

As the page reloads it will give you all the information needed to go to your Main Control Panel (C Panel or equivalent) and setup the Cron task from the Server itself.

Doing the Takes via the Server Panel itself some users believe it helps speed up SocialEngine as you’re taking a process away from script it self.

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