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Over the years many users have tried many ways to gain money from their website. To name a few:


These are the 3 main ways of creating funds for your site.

Two are built in with the scripting software, the third option Donations is not part of social engine but there is an easy way around this.

Paypal will provide you a codex to insert on your site to process donations, but some users don’t like Paypal or cannot use Paypal due to nature of the site it self.

Another method of this is using causevox is a website where you can create a donation page, i have been able to incorporate the site given to your donation to appear within your Social Site  this way members feel like they have not left your site feeling more secure.

Once you have gone through the causevox system you are usually given a url to send your members to do donate but i find this drives donates away. instead via creating a new page using layout manager you can use ” i frame” to bring the url into your own site without having to leave.

<iframe scrolling="no" src=""style="border: 0px none; height: 1324px; width: 1024px;" >

I find using the above code within a blank pages works very well.

Once you have created your paged and added the following code to a html box you can then make a new item on the main menu bar to allow members to access the Donation Page.


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