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Within Social Engine you can have as many member levels as you wish, each member level can grant the users within the group to access different things and also restrict access to areas of the site.

Do you have different member groups for paying members and free members? Sometimes you may offer all new users to sign up for a week trial of the VIP access before they buy into anything, maybe you have selected the wrong default and need to move all the members to the correct one.

This process can be used for any reason if you wish to move whole groups of users from one member Level to another.

The longest process is to reassign them to the Default member Level, if you have only a handful of members that need to be changed to a different Member Level you can do this via the Member Section of the Admin Panel selecting the member and clicking edit and then changing their member level.

If you have more than 10 and would like to change them from one member level to another you can do this in your SQL Database.

Things you will need to know before doing this process.

Know the two Member Level you wish to move user to or from.

member level


Also you would need to know a SQL Syntax to use to do this process.

UPDATE 'engine4_users' SET 'level_id' = 6 WHERE 'level_id' = 4

You need to replace the number 6 to a number where you wish your users to be moved to and also change the number 4 to a number where you wish your users to be moved from.

Now you can login to your SQL database

Click on Table engine4_users

Now when your in the selected tabled at the top you will see SQL Click on SQL and you tend to see this in the box

SELECT * FROM `engine4_users` WHERE 1

You can delete this information and insert the syntax provided above replacing the 4 and 6 with related information from your member levels.

Now you have entered your information click on OK

The Syntax will now run and the result will be shown in a green bubble above the box.


If you go back to your Admin Panel and Member Level you will now see all your members  in the correct Member Level you Selected.

Always backup your Database before making Changes so you can always go back if needed.

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