SocialEngine 4: Basic E-mail Troubleshooting

Over the last few months it’s becoming more of a problem for many new timers using SE that e-mail are not always reaching their recipients. Therefore I have written this basic guide to troubleshooting if you are facing problems.

There’s a couple common reasons why emails won’t seem to be reaching your recipients. Make sure you’ve checked for these basic issues before looking for other potential problems with email.

SE doesn’t send out emails instantly by default
SE 4 has an email queuing system and so most emails are not sent out immediately. By default, SE will send 25 emails every 60 seconds, however this depends on your website’s activity. If you have a large volume of emails to send, there will be a delay.

If you would like SE to not queue emails, access your Admin panel and go to the Settings > Systems Email Page. Locate the option labeled Email queue and set its value to “No, always send emails immediately.”

Please note, this will not affect messages that are still in the mail queue; they will continue be sent out over time.

Your site’s emails may be treated as spam
Your users may not be receiving messages due to spam filters on the recipient email server. This a very common problem with website applications when emails are being sent to Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail email accounts. If you have a Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail email account, you can examine this by checking your spam, junk, or trash folders. If you see messages from your website in one of these folders, you may be able to resolve this problem by creating an SPF record ( for your domain. For assistance with setting up an SPF record for your domain, please contact your hosting provider’s support staff.

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