[Sitefinity] Personalizing the Customer Experience

In Sitefinity you can use the user segments feature to serve different content to completely different audiences. For example, you can create a user segment for visitors in New York and another for London based visitors which are visiting between a specific time!

You can achieve this in 2 steps, first you need to actually create a user segment. The second step is to personalize a page by assigning the user segment and adding any special content.

STEP 1: Create a user segment

  1. Login to your Sitefinity admin area and navigate to Marketing -> Personalization
  2. Click the Create user segment button and a form will pop up
  3. The name and description is simply for your reference.
    For users with these characteristics is what will filter out specific users and show special content to. In this example, I want to show special content to users in London. To do this, I will select from the drop down menus LocationIs and in the text box type London and select it once London appears. Ensure you click Add and then click Save.

    sitefinity2sitefinity1NOTE: You can create as many characteristics as you like in a single user segment. For example, you can create a user segment from a specific location, plus visiting during a specific timeframe and has been referred from a specific URL. All in a single segment. 

  4. Scroll down and click Create this segment

You now have a user segment created! The next step is to create a page and then assign this user segment to that page.

STEP 2: Personalize a page

Now that we have our user segment created, we need to create a page with specific content that we want to show to the users of our newly created segment.

For this article I will be placing a promotional text in the header of our website for the user segment London which I created in step 1 above.

  1. Whilst logged into your Sitefinity admin area navigate to Pages from the header admin area
  2. You should now see a complete list of every page. Find the one you wish to modify and click Actions -> Personalize
  3. On the next page you will be prompted to select the user segment we would like to use when personalizing the page. In this case I will select London as that is the user segment I had created in step 1. Once selected click Create and go to edit content
  4. You will be redirected to a page editor, from here you can add all of your personalization such as messages, move widgets around and so on.

    As I want to show a special promotion to my London visitors I will simply drag the Content Block from the right sidebar to where I would like it displayed on the page. Once your widget is in place on the website click on it to open up the editor enabling you to personalize it. Once done, click Save.


    Note: You can also change the layout, simply click Layout in the right corner of the page editor.

  5. Once you have completed your personalizing the page click Publish.

That’s it! You now have a personalized page for the user segment you specified.

How can you demo your personalized pages?

To demo your newly created personalized pages go back to Pages in the admin area of Sitefinity. On the list of pages, you should now see a Personalized note next to any pages that you have personalized. Simply click this and then click the user segment you would like to demo.



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