[Site.Pro] Building your Website

Are you looking into launching a new website but are not familiar with the programming languages and/or prefer not to invest into expensive web design? Well at Arvixe we have the solution, our new site builder called Arvixe Builder which you can find in cPanel.

The best part with our new site builder is how modular it is, building a site through the site builder is literally a matter of dragging and dropping. This can be anything from text boxes to PayPal buy buttons to adsense and so on.

Building your website

This article assumes you have already selected a template and are already in the template editor mode of the site builder. If not, please see this article first: http://blog.arvixe.com/site-pro-getting-started/

1. Creating Pages

First of all, I recommend you create all the pages you plan to have on your website (not the content just the actual bases for each page). In the next step we will insert ‘SEO material’ such as titles, keywords and so on. This must be done on a per page basis.

To create a page expand the Current Page: drop down menu (located in the top right corner) and then click on Edit Menu.


You should now see a popup and be located in the General tab, the left panel lists all of your pages and external links so under the last one, click New Item. The right panel should now show you several options to configure your new homepage:

sitepro2Item Name: Than name of your page. You and your visitors will see this.
Internal / External Link: If you want to create an actual ‘page’ on your site then set this to Internal link. If you plan on linking off your site (going from your site to say Google) then select External link.
Relate With: For a new page simply leave it as its default: New Item
Use page layout from: Select the ‘base’ of your new page. You can very easily change all of the content later on but you are required to select a base to begin with.
Open link in new tab: If you’re creating an internal link I recommend not selecting this whereas if this is an external link I suggest you do

Once you have added all of your desired pages, click Apply.

Page SEO

Now that we have our pages created we need to set up some important details for each page. For example, page title, description, keywords, friendly URLs and if applicable, Analytic tracking.

To do this, click on the cog drop down menu located just to the right of the Current Page drop down menu and select SEO.


Under the General tab insert your websites details on a per page basis:

sitepro4Title: This is what will appear in the browser tabs, search engines etc.
Description: Set a unique description for each page, don’t make anything to long just a short one line description
Keywords: Insert several keywords relevant to your page separated by commas
User friendly URLs: Insert 1 – 2 words relevant to your pages name (preferably the page name itself), this will actually be the URL your visitors see in the address bar

Once done, click Apply.

If you use Google Analytics for your website tracking click on the Analytics tab. Once in this tab insert your Google Analytics tracking ID and your Google Webmaster Tools code then click Apply.

Page Content

At this stage we should have a base template with our pages ready for our content. First, select the page you would like to modify from the Current Page: drop down menu located in the header of the site builder.

Once the page has fully loaded you can remove any content/elements you don’t want such as images, text boxes etc. To do this, hover over any element you want to remove and click on the edit button (pen icon) and then click Remove.


If you want to change the text from an existing text box you don’t need to remove it, simply hover over the text box and click on the edit button (pen icon), instead of clicking on the remove button click Edit Text.


Now that anything you don’t want has been removed, you can add the elements you do want from the site builders header menu. You simply have to click on what you want and drag it exactly where you would like it to appear on your page.

Some elements might need further customizing, for example the PayPal button, this would require a price, PayPal address, item name and so on. To configure these first position the element exactly where you would like it on your page and then hover over it and click the edit button (pen icon), from the menu click Properties. You will be presented with a popup enabling you to configure any relevant details such as the ones mentioned above.


Do this for all of your pages and once done, click the Preview button in the header to see exactly how your website will look once you publish it. Once satisfied, you can publish your site by clicking the Publish button to the left of the preview button.


If you want to reset all of your changes or simply want to change the template you’re using, hover over the New/Reset button and click either Change Template or Reset.


And that’s it!

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55 Comments on [Site.Pro] Building your Website

  1. rockford band says:

    Is there a Facebook button or do I have to create that? And how would I access the HTML? Thanks.

  2. Tommy says:

    How can I change the background color of the main page? I was able to change it on the other pages, but it doesn’t load the changes to the main page.

  3. Scott says:

    If I want to implement a rotating banner with pictures that change every few seconds, how would I do that?

  4. Hello,

    So I had begun writing a webpage in html, but I have decided that this method is much (much, much, much…) easier.

    I have a prototype webpage designed in Arvixe Builder, but when I hit “Publish” nothing changes. I’m wondering if there’s something I need to adjust at the cPanel file manager. Can you help me out?



  5. Birkie says:

    When I change template, it seems that I have to reload every component again: photos, text, headlines. Why can’t I “try on” different templates easily?

    • Alex Ali says:


      Each template has its own default elements added to make it easier to customize later on. As text and other elements are placed differently per template, it could become rather confusing and in some cases break the template. And so, it isn’t possible to try different templates in the way you describe.

      However, you can customize one template and then download a backup of that template. If you’re not happy with the next template you try, simply restore that backup.

  6. Neil Krum says:

    Great explanation!
    In fact, this is the ONLY in-depth info I’ve found re Arvixe Builder. Is there more somewhere?
    One specific question: how do I create a button for customer to initiate “Print” of the text on my webpage?

    • Alex Ali says:


      Unfortunately we don’t have much documentation other than what you already see. If you let us know the type of documentation you’d like to see, maybe we can put something out for you :).

      As for initiating print: There isn’t an official element for this however we can easily use what we have to do the same thing.

      First, drag and place the HTML element wherever you would like the print button to appear. Once this is where you’d like it to be, double click it to initiate the properties popup. In the large text box enter the code pasted in this Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/4tFFNkQE

      You can replace ‘Click to Print This Page’ with any text you like or even an image with the code below:


  7. Linda says:

    I am trying to add my company’s logo to the Home Page, I have it as a PNG with transparent background. when I load it to page I am getting a white box where it should be transparent.
    please advise

    • Alex Ali says:


      May I ask how you’re adding your logo? Can you try deleting the default logo element and dragging the Picture element where the logo should be? Once you have done this, upload your logo from your laptop/desktop and that should do it.

  8. Tim says:

    Initially everything was good, menu pages directed correctly..

    “newpage” would be http://www.website.com/newpage

    but for some reason now it changed to :


    Anybody know how to fix this?


    • Alex says:


      Where are you experiencing this issue? Is it the hyperlink itself or when you create a page? Or at another stage?

  9. Lauren says:

    Hey there, unfortunately Im having trouble using the software to build my site. Either the instructions given just don’t work or Im doing it wrong. Either way it’s frustrating and confusing. Is there some sort of tutorial or live help or something?? It’s getting a little annoying that I can’t edit a simple text box. When I go to do so, a different one is changed or the changes just aren’t applied to the one I was editing. I should have been done with this by now but I’m about to quit after having to fiddle with it for so long……HELP!!!!

    • Lauren says:

      All your web building instructions are confusing too…..I am not a computer linguist….not sure what half these words are or even mean! Is there another EASIER more USER FRIENDLY site I can use to build my site? How would I do that and use your hosting service too??? Not Happy.

      • Alex says:

        Hello Lauren,

        I am sorry to hear that you’re not happy with the instructions provided in the article to build your website. Can you confirm the type of website you’re trying to build and how far you have come in doing so? With this information I should be able to point you into the right direction.

        Which parts of the article were you having troubles with? We don’t currently have any other articles for Site.Pro itself though we do have lots of articles for popular web platforms such as WordPress which you can try.

    • Alex says:


      Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with the site editor. My recommendation would be to reach out to our support team (support @ arvixe.com) so they can troubleshoot what you’re describing as that shouldn’t be happening.


      • Lauren says:

        I’m more familiar with site-builder on yahoo….are your services compatible? Meaning if I built my site on Yahoo Site-builder could your service still host my page? Please let me know, Thanks!

  10. Mitch says:

    arvixe builder is not listed in my cpanel. How do i find it?

    • Alex says:


      Which theme are you using? If you’re using Paper Lantern try changing that to x3.

      If you still can’t find it, feel free to reach out to our support department (support [at] arvixe.com).


  11. For some reason, there is an empty drop down menu for the current page selection. How can I add more pages if I don’t have that option? Secondly, I would like to make my website responsive instead of having the separate sites for mobile/tablet. I started doing this in KompoZer but couldn’t figure out how to get it on this site, but can’t figure out how to get Arvixe builder to let me know this (since it publishes so simply, this seems like the more practical program).

    • Alex says:


      For your first query regarding the drop down menu, honestly that sounds like a bug as it shouldn’t be like that. Can you try closing the site builder and re-opening it from your cPanel and let me know if you still experience any issues?

      As for making your website responsive, only certain templates are responsive. For example, the bootstrap templates would be responsive.

      As we give you full source code access, you could hire a developer to make any of the existing templates responsive though that is not something Arvixe could do/support.

  12. Steve says:

    I have 2 issues:
    When I try to edit the headings, there is no “apply” button to click on, so my changes are not saved.
    I have theoretically saved my draft, but when I reload my project, it reverts to the original template.
    Can you help? Very frustrating indeed. Thanks.

    • Alex says:


      Apologies for the delayed response. Is this still an issue for you or did you manage to get this solved?

      If you’re still having issues, can you please send a screenshot to alex.ali@rvixe.com? I’ll be more than happy to look into this for you.

  13. ryan says:

    Right at the top of this page it says:
    “This article assumes you have already selected a template and are already in the template editor mode of the site builder. If not, please see this article first.”
    Which article? There is no link.
    Also, I assume site.pro is the same as arvixe builder?

  14. Uwe says:

    Hi, thank you for the Arvixe Sitebuilder. Helped me to quickly set up a functioning site :)!
    Can I have more than one favicon uploaded, e.g. to cover iPhones, Desktops and Tablets?
    Also, can I review the actual HTML, CSS coding and change/add something directly?

    • Alex says:


      I don’t think having multiple favicon depending on the device is currently possible.

      However, viewing the actual HTML, CSS etc is possible once you publish a page. You would simply need to open your file manager as you normally would (or use your preferred FTP client) and you will have access to all of the source code there.

  15. Mark says:

    I have PDFs that I need to add to a page, with the ability for the viewer to be able to download if necessary. There really isn’t anything in the help addressing this issue. I can’t embed them in a text field, and there isn’t any way with the existing tools (at least that I’ve seen so far) that allows you do to this. If this isn’t available in Arvixe Builder, then which of the available 3rd party apps would give me this capability?

    • Alex says:


      You can very easily achieve this within the Arvixe Builder. The first step would be to actually upload your PDF documents. I recommend you do this in a separate directly for ease, so login to your web hosting cPanel control panel and create a directory/folder (For example: resources).

      Now, hit the upload button in the file manager and upload all of your PDF documents into that folder.

      Once uploaded, go back to your cPanel control panel and open the Arvixe builder. You’re going to want to drag the HTML element where you would like the download link and then double click it to activate it’s popup interface. In this popup, paste the following code:

      Download PDF

      Simply replace the URL to the correct location of the PDF and the ‘Download PDF’ text to anything you like.



  16. gina says:

    How do I make a link transparent?

    • Alex says:


      Can you elaborate on what you mean by a transparent link? You can very easily change the colour of the text / add or remove background highlighting though I am not 100% sure on what you mean by a transparent link.

      Thank you,


  17. Cynthia says:

    Is it possible to create sub-pages and sub-menus?

    • Alex says:


      You can create sub-pages, in the top navigation menu you should see a drop down menu which defaults on the active page you’re editing. Simply expand that drop down menu and click ‘Edit menu’. From here, click ‘New Item’.

      You will have to fill in the form and then click apply, at the moment, it will copy content/arrangements from a base template which you would need to select when creating the new page. Once you have saved this new page, you can select it (in doing so modify it) by selecting it from the same drop down menu you opened in step 1.

      As for sub-menus, adding a page will add a button to the menu automatically. Though by sub-menu, did you mean a drop down menu?



  18. Jack Sugameli says:

    I built my site using Site Builder. Is there any way to edit html? I would like to add rich snippets, and some other items that are not available on the control panel.

    • Alex says:


      Yes you can edit the HTML. Once your website has been published, you should be able to go back into your cPanel and click ‘File Manager’. From here, open the ‘public_html’ folder and form this folder, you should see your published websites files. Simply edit those accordingly and save when complete.


  19. Raj says:

    Is there a way we can add search box which will provide the keywords entered?

    • Alex says:


      You could look into implementing a custom Google search for your website. This will show results for your site.

      The site builder doesn’t have an in-built search system though.



  20. Tigran says:


    I quickly adjusted to the site.pro builder, I think it’s a great tool compared to drupal with which I used to build my other websites. Thank you for providing it.
    Anyway, I have an issue.
    I have multiple sub-menus and sub-submenus, same as drop-down menus. I see all of them in “Edit menu” section, and can view them from outside the builder. However, i can’t edit those submenus, as the editor does not allow me to access them from the builder, it only allows me to access the home page and 1 oreder lower submenus.
    Please help me, as my website needs to be highly categorized, and without proper drop-down menu support i can’t move on.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Alex says:


      I don’t believe the builder currently supports sub menus :(.

      The only suggestion I have is to login to your cPanel and access the file manager. From here you will have full source code access and could look into implementing your own navigation which includes a drop down menu. This would require coding knowledge or someone with coding knowledge however.

      Also be sure to save it in case you do any updates on the site builder (so it doesn’t overwrite your changes).



  21. Cynthia says:

    I want to embed a video on my web page (without uploading to youtube first). I have a mp4 file that I can convert to different formats, including .flv, .swf, etc.) I saw there is a flash button on the site.pro builder menu. Can I use that to embed the video on my web page? What file format is expected? I tried uploading a flv file but it was ignored. Also, is there a file size limit of videos ? Thanks.


  22. Sasa says:

    Can you please tell me which of the templates are responsive?
    Thank you.

    • Alex says:


      During the template selection process you should see an icon showing a laptop, tablet, phone etc). This means that the template is compatible with smaller devices such as phones.

      However, you do have to enable it in the template editor. To do this simply select each device in the top menu to enable it.

      Documentation for this will be coming out shortly.



  23. Cezar says:


    I’m currently building my site using arvixe site builder. I’m having an issue with uploading photos, in that the site builder automatically rotates my pictures horizontally, and there’s no feature to rotate photos that I could find within the site builder. . If I crop a photo down to where it is wider than it is taller, it works, however if manually rotate my photos and then try to re-upload them, the site builder still flips them horizontally. How do I fix this?

    Many of the photos I need to upload oriented vertically and I need to be able to add them as they are.

    Thank you

    • Alex says:


      That is odd. My recommendation would be to to upload your images directly into the file manager and use the custom HTML element to incorporate your image into the web page.

      Give that a try and if that fails, update this comment and I’ll investigate the next best route for you.



  24. Cynthia says:

    ** I’ve submitted the following question on Aug 3 and it is still awaiting moderation, just in case there is a problem with the submission, here’s the question again **
    I want to embed a video on my web page (without uploading to youtube first). I have a mp4 file that I can convert to different formats, including .flv, .swf, etc. I saw there is a flash button on the site.pro builder menu. Can I use that to embed the video on my web page? What file format is expected? I tried uploading a flv file but it was ignored. Also, is there a file size limit of videos ? Thanks.


  25. Frederic says:

    Hi, i build my small hotel website with Sitepro. I intend now to work an the phone format but, the edit toolbar (from text to social) is not available when working on the the phone size version of my website.
    I would like to implement buton, reservation page … so I need to input text, menu, buton…
    Can you help ?
    Thank you very much

  26. Cezar says:

    Hi Alex, thanks for your help with my last issue. It turns out there was a glitch between Mac OSX’s “Photos” app and Arvixe Builder. If I exported the photos to the finder, I was able to upload them free of issues.

    I do have another question, however. I signed up for a google analytics account, and have been unable to figure out to add the code to my page. I went to the file manager as the instructions say, and my website wasn’t listed in the public.html folder. I assume that’s because I’ve been using sitepro to build it. I was able to add my tracking ID to the site builder under SEO, but not I’m sure where to add the actual code.

    Thanks again!

    • Alex says:


      You’re welcome.

      If you have added the tracking ID you should be all set. The idea behind this is the Google Analytics code is already inserted and just needs the relevant ID to know which account it needs to associated itself with.

      Can you look inside your Google Analytics account and see if it is showing any data for your website? If it is, that confirms that everything is set.



  27. Mario says:

    I like your builder (it’s a great tool). Can I create mobile site?

  28. Amanda says:

    How can I make multiple bullet levels?

  29. Robin Beck says:

    I am building an affiliate site for books and designs (clothing, decor etc) so I chose a template with categories since a template with drop down menus seems unavailable.
    My question concerns internal links on menu items. I can add a new item “designs” and I understand that the internal link should remain as “new item” or “designs”, but system requires a link. Strange thing is that two links not on the menu list appear “prices” and “about school” which were not added by me. If I check on the “design” item on the menu in preview mode the menu page is not recognized, taking me to another page instead (“books” already established). How can I get this to work?

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