Silverstripe 3.1 Siteconfig and Masterslider Part 3

In this final part of the masterslide series I will show you how you can use the masterslide and to make it appear on your website.

1. open admin siteconfig under settings -> Slideropen-slides

2. Open Slide where you wanna add texts. After opening Slide go to tab Slider textsadd-tetxs

3. Add the text you want use to the Sentence Text areaadd the slide text

4. Now lets add how long the text will come in and where it gonna come in. In my demo i set the delay for 0.5sec (500 milliseconds) and the come in duration to 2sec (2000 milliseconds)add-the-delay-and-durnation

5.Now lets choose the color for background from colorpickerset-background-color

6. After background i sett how much it is transparent and what is the text color i use on the blue background. In my demo i make it 20% transparent so i enter 0.8 if you want  to make 25% use 0.75 and so on. I set the color of text to whiteopacity-and-text-color

7. Now lets add the text size without pixels because we added the pixels to theme and i choose to use text in uppercase but don’t wanna use the bold text.uppercase-and-text-size

8. Now we add the very important stuff for appearance whats the text margin from top and left after the income effect. I use 50px from top and 200px from

9. And Last lets choose how many pixels the background is padding: 5px 10px 5px 10px means 5px top, 10px right, 5px bottom, 10px leftpadding-of-text

10. And last after you have push the button create and you go to look the front-end you will see this flying in from lefthere-how-it-looks-after

after this you can add another to fly in from right and go under the first one. Or what ever you wanna use.

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