Silverlight 3-D Effects (Perspective Transforms)

You can apply 3-D effects to any Silverlight UIElement using what are called “perspective transforms.” For example, you can create the illusion that an object is rotated toward or away from you, as shown in the following illustration.

Image with Perspective Transform

Although the preceding illustration shows a perspective transform applied to a simple image, you can apply one to any UIElement, including controls. For example, you could apply the effect to a Grid that in turn contains a TextBox and Button. Despite the controls being rotated, the user could type into the TextBox and click the Button (assuming the controls are visible).

Another common scenario for using perspective transforms is to arrange objects in relation to one another to create a 3-D effect, as shown in the following illustration.

Stacking objects to create a 3-D effect

Besides creating static 3-D effects, you can animate the perspective transform properties to create moving 3-D effects.

[silverlight:, 640, 480]

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