Silex’s Survey

All they think about is Silex!

Few weeks ago, Silex Labs launched a survey among Silex’s users.

The goal: see what users like in Silex and what is missing?

This kind of survey can help for the software’s development and promotes development in harmony with the community.
In that way, you can clearly visualize your main strengths and your weak points.

Here the items we focused on:

  • Silex’s best features
  • Points to improve
  • Silex’s wanted features
  • The must among plugins & components

And the results are:

Silex’s best features:

  • The WYSIWYG System

With Silex “what you see is what you get“. That means that when you import or modify an element on your publication you see directly the final result. It works like Illustrator for example.
In contrast, WordPress doesn’t work with a wysiwyg system. When you write an article via the dashboard, what you see doesn’t correspond to what you will see once published.

  • The Plugin System

With Silex you can easily enhance your publications with plugins. Very practical! All the more reason that you can add plugins directly from your Silex manager.

Note: you can see the available plugins on the exchange platform.

  • The SEO System

Silex integrates SEO. So even if your website is in flash, you can well referenced it!
This SEO system includes html tags and description for each media, url rewriting, and html description and key words for the all website. Make the test by looking for “silex” in Google 😉

  • Silex portability

In fact, with Silex you have 3 possibilities:

* you can work online with any browser
* you can work locally with any operating system (the installation of wamp or xampp is required)
* you can work offline by using Silex as desktop application
So, whatever your work’s environment, you can use Silex 🙂

Points to improve:

Because none is perfect….

  • Actions use

As you may know, you can add some interactivity to your Silex’s website by using actions. These actions are in fact actionscript commands. With those you can open external link, download something, back to previous page, make changes on rollover, etc, etc…Plenty of actions are possible.
But for now, they are not intuitive at all. Moreover you may respect a particular syntax.
In conclusion, if actions are not documented, you can’t use them…

Note: you can find some actions in Silex’s user guide

  • Performances
  • Documentation

When you use a software is cool to count on a good documentation.
Silex has a dedicated documentation but, and that’s why it’s in the points to improve, it’s not up to date.
In fact, with almost 5 releases per year, it’s difficult sometimes to maintain the documentation.

So, if information is missing or are obsolete, don’t hesitate to post a comment directly on the platform.
Till then, if you don’t find answers to yours questions, please use the forum.

Silex wanted features:

  • Super components

As you may know, many components are available in Silex and more specifically oof components. Oof components allow users to manipulate data. With those components you can create an image gallery, add rss feed, have dynamic data, etc…But for that you need to assemble several components together. The idea of super components is to get the same result but with all needed components already assembled.

  • Interactive tutorials for beginners

The must among plugins & components

  • The Geometry component

Very useful, this complete component allows you to create easily geometric objects: rectangle, square, circle, star, etc…You can use it as header, footer, for design…And numerous parameters allow you to create the wanted object (shadow, angle, color, border…)

  • The Google Analytics plugin

Add easily a Google analytics to your Silex website so that you can have all the statistics you need!

  • The updater plugin

Very practical to run the latest Silex version!

This survey overview is now over!

Good to know: Another survey is planned for the month of October. If you want to take part to this survey, please send an email to contact[at] with the following object: “Silex’s survey – October 2012“.

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