What is Silex?

A French project which has a future!

Great to know, but what is it exactly?

Silex is a software, used to produce flash websites directly in the browser.

It is free, open-source, seo friendly and can be used to publish multimedia content on the web very quickly.

Who can use it?

As Silex doesn’t require any technical knowledge the answer is: everybody!

With Silex:

designers can quickly create the template they need

editors can easily update the content

developers can add endless functionalities with the plugins API

– everybody can easily use the available templates and adapt it to their needs

What are Silex’s specificities?

  • Silex is free and open source

Yeah 🙂 That means you can use it without any moderation.

  • It is supported by Silex Labs non profit organization and by an active community

Great! That means you can benefit from advices, ask questions on the forum, have some tutorials to help you, read some documentation, see software evolutions thanks to the different releases…

What You See Is What You Get…
So if you use software such as Illustrator for example, you won’t be lost at all.

Cool! You won’t suffer from the blank page nightmare. You have the possibility to use ready templates and adapt it to your needs. Also, you will be able to enhance your publications easily with lots of great plugins (image gallery, Google maps, deezer playlist, etc…)

Easy as pie! Just order your Silex web hosting and that’s all 🙂

  • Can be used directly in the browser

Interesting! That means you can work on your website from anywhere and see directly the online result. And, above all, it works with all operating system 🙂

  • SEO friendly

What good news! Even if you create flash websites, you can offer it a good visibility on the web. How? Very simple: Silex integrates enabled deeplinking, tags and key words system, html description for your medias… You will be impressed.


Try it now by testing the different demos on Silex’s website!

Or take your Silex’s hosting on Arvixe!

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