Several New Configurations for TomatoCart!

In TomatoCart, we have improved several features to enhance the usability and user experience. There are several configurations added into the administrator panel for the enhanced features. In this article, I will illustrate them in great detail so that you could know how to set them.

1. Minify Css And Javascript Of Template To Enhance Performance

Now, all of the css and javascript files are minified by default in In this way, when the customer access your store, these resources just need to be downloaded once. This will greatly enhance the performance of store.

If you are also a developer, you may need to modify the css stylesheet and debug the javascript code. In this case, please go to admin panel > modules > services > debug.

debugAs you can see, you just need to set the Show The Uncompressed Css And Javascript field to True.

2. Enhance the usability of the popup-cart.

In, when the customer click the add to cart button, the product will be added into the top popup-cart with an elegant flying effect. At the same time, a dropped-down confirmation dialog will be shown at the center of screen as follow:

popup-cartIt might be redundant for your store. You could disable it under admin panel > configuration > configuration > my store.

popup-cart-disablePlease find the Enable the confirmation dialog for add to cart action field in the grid and then set it to False.

3. Elegant Auto-Completer – High Usability And User Experience

In, we added the product thumbnail and a get more button into the dropped-down search list.


The information could be configured in the admin panel as follows:

1. The Image group to be used for the thumbnail.

2. The width of the search list

3. The maximum number of products displayed in the search list.

4. The length of product name shown in the list.

It is possible to set the image group under admin panel > configuration > configuration > images.

image-groupAs you can see, the default value of the image group of auto completer is thumbnail. You could change it to mini. The best way is to create an auto-completer image group under admin panel > definitions > image groups module and apply it for the configuration field.

For the other configuration, you have to set them under admin panel > configuration > configuration > maximum values.

maximumPlease just adjust the values of the last three fields separately.

4. Ability to disable the admin log

In TomatoCart, the admin log will be grown every time to record the action performed by the administrator such insert, update and delete the products etc. It means a lot of records will be inserted into your database. This may impact the performance of your database system.

admin_logoIn, you could disable such feature under admin panel > configuration > configuration > my store.

disable_logJust find the Enable administrators log and set it to False.

That’s it.

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