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In most markets you will find fierce competition resulting in constant promotions for companies to gain your business. Sometimes there are discounts from manufacturers and sometimes it by store owners for store promotion or stock clearances.

This is how normally product without discount looks like. Now we will add discount and now we are going to add a discount on that product and will see the difference. For instance, if you want to give a bulk discount for products. If someone is buying in bulk give them some discount.

Here are steps to add a discount on a product.


Step 1:

Login to admin panel of your store.

Step 2:

Go to product listing page and click on “edit” link of product where you want to add the discount.


Step 3:

Open “Discount” tab and click on add button. Give all detail related to discount you want to associate.Here I have created discount of 22$ for a product if a customer wants to purchase 10 or more products. You can also set from and to dates to determine the validity of that discounted price.


Step 4:

Save details and check product detail page you will be able to see your changes.

DiscountedProductHere is how you could add a discount on product and it look as above on product details page.

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