SEO Data Transporter Simplifies SEO Plugin Migration

Imagine you had installed a WordPress plugin such as Platinum SEO or All-in-One SEO pack and you wish to migrate to a plugin which is updated regularly by the developer. I choose Yoast WordPress SEO plugin for the purpose of this article.

If your blog is established with more than 100 posts, you need to export all the existing meta data listed on the Platinum SEO pack so that the entire structure of your existing blog is preserved.

SEO Data Transporter WordPress plugin enables migration of all data from one plugin to another very easily. It eliminates the manual work involved by automatically placing meta title, description and keywords into the new plugin.

(1) Install Yoast WordPress SEO and SEO Data Transporter Plugins directly from the WordPress Plugin page. You can search and locate the plugins.

(2) Navigate to Tools | SEO Data Transport from the navigation panel on the left side


(3) You will view a new page with the title – SEO Data Transporter


(4) Select Platinum SEO from the first drop down box

(5) Select WordPress SEO from the second drop down box

(6) If you select Analyze button the plugin will display the stats of the data to be migrated

(7) The data will be migrated only upon selecting Convert button.

(8) You should disable Platinum SEO, as soon as you finish the above process to enable Yoast WordPress SEO to take control of your blog

SEO Data Transporter enables migration of data not only from various SEO plugins but also themes. If you wish to migrate SEO plugins after your blog has established then you should consider using this plugin as it greatly simplifies the tedious migration work.

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