SEO – Add Canonical Link to Remove Duplicate Content in Typo3

It is the most important thing for an online store to apply the search engine optimization. If your store adheres to the strict rules set out by the major search engines, it will be easier to be searched by your underlying customers.

In your TomatoCart store, you may notice that the same products, categories, articles and articles categories page are indexed several times by the search engine and display it in search results several times. As far as search engines are concerned, every single one of these instances needs to be indexed separately and returned in search results as a completely separate entity. This result in duplicate results for your store and impact your store’s search engine rankings. We know that higher search engine rankings typically lead to more ad clicks, conversions, and e-commerce. So, we must clear the duplicate content in the store.

It is the best way to add a canonical link tag into the duplicate page to tell the search engine this page is “part of a parent page” rather than “stand alone”. In this way, most of the duplicate content could be removed in your store.

How to add the canonical link tags for categories, products, articles categories and articles pages?

Step 1. Download the package from

Step 2. Uncompress the package on your local computer using any TAR- or ZIP-compatible archive software.

Step 3. Upload all the includes fold from downloaded archive to your TomatoCart root directory on the web server from the your local PC folder, where you unarchived the package. You need to override directories and files if your copy process request confirmation.

Step 4. Enable the Search Engine Friend Urls service under admin panel > modules > services.

Afterwards, when you access the products, categories, articles and articles categories page in your store, you will find the canonical link tag in each page.

Snap - 2014-02-24 11:28:11Figure 1. Canonical link tag for category

Snap - 2014-02-24 11:29:42Figure 2. Canonical link tag for product

Snap - 2014-02-24 11:28:46Figure 3. Canonical link tag for article category

Snap - 2014-02-24 11:29:15Figure 4. Canonical link tag for article

That’s it. If you need any assistance from us, don’t hesitate to contact to get professional technical support. We provide free technical support service(not include customization) for the Arvixe users.

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