Send Email Using ColdFusion

In this post, we will show you how to send emails via ColdFusion using the cfmail tag. Following is a sample code to send out emails using ColdFusion on our servers:

<cfmail to=”” from=”” subject=”Test Coldfusion mail” type=”html” server=”localhost” username=”” password=”your_pass”>
Hi, This email was sent using coldfusion.    
    We have just sent you the welcome email.

Please note the following:

  • to=”” is to be replaced with the email address you want to send an email to it.
  • from=”” is the email account you have set it up in your control panel.
  • subject=”Test Coldfusion mail” is to be replaced by your message subject.
  • username=”” is same as the from email.
  • password=”your_pass” is the password entered when you setup your e-mail account in your control panel.

You can also use your own variables in the code above. Example: to=”#form.UserEmailAddress#”

Now you know how to send out email using ColdFusion.

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