Security in ocPortal

Security in ocPortal

Security options in ocPortal

The inbuilt security of ocPortal is one of its strongest features. This ranges from many inbuilt features to the close integration of features using the same very high coding standards. Because all of the add-ons which make up the non-bundled add-ons list in ocPortal are signed off by ocPortal staff they are made sure to be coded to the same high standard as the rest of the content management system.

When building any website based on a content management system, the security of the system and of the website is one of the paramount concerns. Ensuring your website is secure is one of the most important things you should do when planning your website. ocPortal has many elements built in to help make your website as secure as possible.

Some of the key security features include:

  • A Configurable swear filter which allows you to keep an eye on what language is acceptable from your users even when you or your moderators cannot be present to keep an eye on the site.
  • A range of IP address tools including the ability to permanently ban an IP address from your website.
  • Ability to investigate each and every user tracking their actions on your website.
  • Inbuilt CAPTCHA to help prevent spammers
  • Tracking of all failed logins and temporary bans for too many failed login in attempts
  • Automatic tracking and banning of users attempting hacking of your website.
  • Multiple layers of inbuilt defense to help secure your website
  • A unique technology to help prevent Cross site security (XSS) vulnerabilities and find any potential holes before the software ort any updates are released.
  • Inbuilt architectural approach to combat all major and popular exploit techniques.
  • Inbuilt protection to stop spammers from using your website for SEO purposes
  • HTML filtering
  • You published email address will be protected from spammers.

In addition to all of the above protection, ocPortal offers an impressive set of features and options to tailor your website permissions to limit users to specific areas and features. There are also Match Key page restrictions which allow you to set ad-hoc match keys for specific pages on a parameter level. This means you could for example allow viewing, but not the adding of downloads and you can specify extra restrictions.

As you can see ocPortal offers a fantastic set of security options. More details can be found on the ocPortal website.

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