Some SocialEngine4 Tips for Starters

New to SocialEngine? Got a limited budget? Here are a few tips that may guide you in setting up an awesome SocialEngine-powered community.

1. Know your Niche – Don’t try to be the next Facebook, you’re just running straight into a brick wall. Instead, look for a topic that interests you and find like-minded people who can populate your site. Of course, you should plan this before setting up a domain name that would fit your site best.

2. When it comes to hosting, dont settle for less – We’ve heard a lot of horror stories from clients getting their hosting account suspended, all because they’re under a shared hosting plan. While SocialEngine can run on such environment, I highly recommend going with a VPS at the very least. It gives you enough power to boost your site into its fullest potential – remember, your site can become quite active sooner than you expect. Arvixe has an affordable VPS package that’s good enough to jumpstart your social network project.

3. Dont overload your site with features – sometimes, less is more when you start. Many clients try to install plugins that extend SocialEngine’s functionality, adding lots of cool features that can be found on top social networks of today – however, by having too much of these features your users get lost and confused, and some of them get turned off. Be creative and only install what you really need. You’ll realize that you dont have to include these and those just to please your members. Dont spend too much money on stuff that your members wont utilize to its full potential, you can save it to spend on other stuff for your site. You can probably add 3rd party plugins on a later date.

4. Seek help – There are a couple of great sites out there set up by loyal SocialEngine clients which you can visit and ask help. and SocialEngineBase are good places to start. Avoid forums that “share” nulled copies of SocialEngine and third party plugins.

5. Keep your site interesting – Once in a while your members will get bored eventually and activity will soon drop. Get a page out of Facebook and disrupt the monotony once your members have become complacent. Change your color scheme, get a new theme, its probably time to add a new feature or get that 3rd party plugin you’ve always wanted. SocialEngine4 may have an updated version with some new features so you may want to upgrade to that latest version.

Remember, these are just tips. You may have something else in mind but you’ve got nothing to lose here. Good luck with your SocialEngine community site!

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9 Comments on Some SocialEngine4 Tips for Starters

  1. Hi Glenn,
    I always enjoy reading your Blog updates. I host my site with Arvixe and am soon going to upgrade to SE. 4. I am now on the Business plan pro with Arvixe, what are the pros and cons of the BP Pro versus VPS? I have been with Arvixe for almost 2 years now and I must say your service is second to none.

  2. Glenn O. says:

    Hi Melita

    Many clients are running the chat/IM plugin for their SE sites and this is not recommended on a shared hosting plan as it will tie down the server and affect other clients hosted on the same machine. If you’re not planning on installing the plugin – then your site will do fine. However as an SE client myself, if your site is active and considering an upgrade to SE4, it would be ideal to go VPS which gives you enough power as SE4 itself is more robust compared to V3. The downside though would have to be that you will have to shell out a few extra bucks – but the monthly price is more than worth it.

  3. alex says:

    I just create an arvixe account, but I’m not fouding where to install socialengine.
    Can anyone help me?

  4. Mike Hoffman says:

    Hey Alex! It is not included in any of our software auto install packages, but you can email and we can install it for you. We offer an auto install package, too bad you didn’t find this page first!

    Regardless, we’ll take care of you.

    Happy hosting!

  5. Klaus Hall says:

    I just create an arvixe account as well, but socialengine trial version is nowhere to be found. I did read the: page, and the phrase “The following plan will be preloaded with a fully configured installation of the SocialEngine trial version.” clearly states that an installation is included.

    Where can I find it?


    • Noah S says:


      If SocialEngine was not installed on your account, please e-mail scripts[@] with your user name and we will take care of the install for you.


  6. Hulusi says:

    I live in Turkey and I want to purchase latest version of SE for a social network site.
    I have a question about hosting.
    Over 5000 people are waiting to sign up in next 6 months.
    I need detailed hosting requirements for SE.
    Which hosting choice should I prefer?

    Thanks a lot,

    • Noah S says:


      You would want to get a dedicated server: . The type of server you would want to get depends on how active your site will be (concurrent users). When you say you are going to have 5000 sign-ups, that could suggest large growth at one point, but your site may not be that active. Please contact Arvixe Sales and they will be able to assist you with more information, once you tell them the expected concurrent users.


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