– SocialEngine4 Community is an unofficial, active support community for SocialEngine 4 users set up by the same people behind Members of this community can post tutorials, discuss issues regarding SE4, track down bugs and post temporary fixes for such. Additionally, issues related to hosting and design are discussed as well while third-party developers can advertise their plugins that extend SocialEngine’s capabilities.

If you’re using SocialEngine4, you may want to sign up and be part of this community. is currently hosted by Arvixe and is using version 4.1.1 of SocialEngine.

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  1. Anton Cona says:

    I would like to compare between 4.0.5 and 4.1.1 version.. Is time to upgrade to 4.1.1? can someone tell me about?

    Thank you

    Anton Cona

  2. Glenn O. says:

    4.1.1 has many bug fixes and performance improvements over 4.0.5 – however, if you can wait until Wednesday (Feb. 16) – Webligo is releasing 4.1.2 which will have additional improvements as well as bug fixes.

    I also advise to make a backup of your site before you upgrade, especially if your site has been customized and have some third party plugins installed.

  3. John says: and socialmechanic sites are both down or gone.

  4. Mike Hoffman says:

    John – You are correct. That’s a shame too. I would suggest subscribing to their official blog and browsing their website for the forums – That is, unless you are John Boehr (engineer for SE), in which case, you don’t need the help 😉

  5. Jim Lichty says:

    Hello. Ive had SE installed. I have a template done with How do I get started from here? Thanks. Jim

  6. Jim Lichty says:

    Thanks a lot …Jim

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