How to Manually Reset an Admin Password in SocialEngine 4

If the administrator password is forgotten and the associated email account is inaccessible, the password can be manually reset through the MySQL database.

To reset an administrator password:

  • 1 Access your MySQL database, typically through phpmyadmin.
  • 2 Edit table se_admins
  • 3 Look for the proper admin entry. Each admin has a row so edit the applicable admin (which is “admin” by default)
  • 4 Set the admin_password value to c6b8d8021dc237fd0f7711ef242bb62f
  • 5 Set the admin_code value to OAv1tb5OwsrgOiqw
  • 6 Save
  • 7 Your admin password has been reset to “temppassword” – NOTE: CHANGE THIS PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY!

I hope this helps 😀

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Andrew Cross

Hi, I'm Andrew. A am a 26, ICT Administrator which offers support to company's around the South Wales Area. I have created a few social sites for myself and other company's. So far 2 out of 3 have been successful using the powerful SocialEngine Script. I continue to try and help the community of SocialEngine by giving Support and Technical Help where possible.

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  1. Jim Lichty says:

    I transferred my website to Arvixe yesterday from social engine. I still have pages to add to the website. I can’t access my admin on social engine..How do I do this..THANKS Jim

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