SocialEngine 4: ArrowChat New Messages Notifications

Do you use ArrowChat with your SE Site now here is a simply way to enable site notifications

First go to your Arrowchat Administration panel -> General Features and enable “Enable Site Notifications”.

After that go to “Manage” -> “Notifications” -> “Private Messages” and press “Edit”

You will see “Notification Number” is “1” (we need that later)

Next open “application/modules/Messages/controllers/MessagesController.php”

Go to Line 188

You will see

          // Send notifications
          foreach( $recipients as $user )
            if( $user->getIdentity() == $viewer->getIdentity() )
            Engine_Api::_()->getDbtable('notifications', 'activity')->addNotification(

After that Add

            //connect to DB
            $file = APPLICATION_PATH . '/application/settings/database.php';
            $options = include $file;
            $dbArrow = Zend_Db::factory($options['adapter'], $options['params']);
            //end DB setup

            $sql = "INSERT INTO arrowchat_notifications (to_id, author_id, author_name, type, alert_time, misc1, misc2, misc3)
            VALUES ('".$user->getIdentity()."', '".$viewer->getIdentity()."', '".$viewer."', '1', '".time()."', '', '', '')";

Save and re-upload, done :)

Just copy paste this snippet to any controller, where you want notifications to appear and change “type” to the number you want.

In our case 1 is the type for “Private Messages”

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