Reset ClipBucket Administrator Password Easily

Imagine: you have done hard work to build a video site using ClipBucket. What will happen if you forget the administrator password?

Don’t panic. You can easily recover lost passwords if you follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Download a latest version of ClipBucket installation package by providing your email address.

2. The name of the downloaded ClipBucket package will be clipbucket-2.6-r738-security-fixed.ZIP. Extract it and you will view a folder named  – do not upload

3. There will be one PHP file named admin_change_pass.php inside the above folder.

4. Open the file and update the values of $username and $password fields. The password you provide here will be your new credential provided if the username matches the database records.

If you forgot the username you need to manually navigate PHPMyAdmin to locate the admin username. It is desirable to keep the username as admin during installation so that you can restore the password easily in future.

5. You should then upload admin_change_pass.php to the root of your ClipBucket installation.

You should upload this file only if you are unable to remember your admin user password.

6. Browse the file and you will view a message as shown below

ClipBucket Password Recovery

7. You should now be able to login to the administrator dashboard without any problems.

You should make sure to delete the uploaded recovery file from the server to avoid unauthorized access.

8. You can restore passwords of any user registered on the site using this file. However, you will be able to update user password from with the admin dashboard.

Anand Narayanaswamy - Arvixe Blogger

As you can see, ClipBucket provides a very easy way to restore passwords without any need to access PhPMyAdmin.

You should perform the above steps even if you installed ClipBucket via Softaculous provided within CPanel control panel.

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