Reputation and Blacklist Monitoring Now Available!


Through our partnership with GlobalSign, we now offer Reputation Scanning and Blacklist Monitoring, powered by StopTheHacker, included with all GlobalSign SSL Certificates for no additional charge. We’ve written this blog to help our customers understand the importance of Reputation Monitoring and Blacklist Monitoring as well include instructions on how to access your panel and monitor your domains.

How do I Enroll:
After your SSL Certificate has been issued, your domain will automatically be added to StopTheHacker’s reputation and blacklist monitoring service. Please note that it can take up to 24-48 hours for your domain to be added to the service. You’ll receive an email confirmation directly from Stop the Hacker welcoming you to the service and providing you with a username, password and the URL to reach the dashboard.

Reputation and Blacklist Monitoring:
Blacklist Monitoring is a comprehensive daily check on the status of your website on the Google Safe Browsing List and other search engines including Yahoo and Bing; malware blacklist like Malware Patrol and malware URL; DNS Blacklist; phishing blacklist like PhishTank; spam blacklist like SpamCop; and many more.

StopTheHaacker will automatically notify you as well as Arvixe if your website ends up on any blacklist and provide instructions to help you remove your site from search engine blacklist.

How to Log in to your Account

Visit in your web browser.

Insert your email address and password and click on Login.


StopTheHacker Dashboard Landing Page

When you first login to the StopTheHacker dashboard you will default to the “overview” section, which provides a summary of your scan. Please note that currently Arvixe only offers the reputation portion of StopTheHacker’s services, which can be found at the upper right hand corner.


Reputation Monitoring Overview

The reputation monitoring overview will display a summary of the reputation monitoring results and these results will be displayed in pie charts. Below is a sample.


Understanding the Reputation Monitoring Charts

The pie chart displays the safety status of your websites/domains for reputation including blacklist monitoring. StopTheHacker will automatically notify you via email if your website ends up on a blacklist, so you take the necessary actions to clean your website from malware and reinstate its availability through Google.

You can see a detailed view of the reputation monitoring report by clicking on the action button and clicking on the hyperlink labelled “View the details of the Reputation Assessment report”­­

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Alternatively, you can also view a detailed report by using the menu on the left hand side of the dashboard, click on Reputation.


Detailed Reputation Assessment Report

The Reputation section provides information to answer questions such as:

  • How is your website perceived on the Internet?
  • Is your website on any blacklists?
  • Is your SSL Certificate expiring soon?
  • Are any of the search engines blacklisting your website?


This area is divided into three sections:

  1. Blacklists: This section shows you the results of checking your domain name against various data sources, such as Google malware, Google Phishing, DNS blacklists, Phishing blacklists and much more.  An alert red triangle icon lets you know if the particular data source has an unfavorable reputation about your domain.  Hover your mouse over the icon to view further information.


  1. Ecosystem: This section shows you the results of the reputation information regarding your IP, your hoster or whether your IP is listed in Botnets or not.  Hover your mouse over the icon to view further information.
  1. Web of Trust: This section shows you the results from StopTheHacker’s data partner Web of Trust.  Please remember Web of Trust is an independent data provider.  Hover your mouse over the icon to view further information.

To get more detail about each source within these sections, please click on the grey question mark next to each source in the right hand corner.

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2 Comments on Reputation and Blacklist Monitoring Now Available!

  1. If I already have an SSL certificate, when will I receive the email confirmation from Stop the Hacker?

    • Adam Bryner says:


      If you ordered your certificate before today, we will need to manually enroll your domain in the program. Email us at ssladmin [at] arvixe [dot] com, with your certificate and email address and we’ll get that added.

      Thank you!

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