Report Viewing in WebsitePanel

In this article we will show you how to view reports about disk space, and bandwidth. This is a neat feature that will display how much resources are being used, space remaining on your account and keep track on any activity on your application.

1. Log into your Websitepanel Account. In the header menu, click on “Reporting”. In this case we are going to start with the disk space report so we click on that:


2. Once in here you can export the report clicking on export report, and view a more detail report clicking in the blue lantern:


3. In here you can see all the resource that you use like the database click on cancel to go back to the main page:


4. Now let’s see another report. Again, go to the header menu, and click on “Reporting”. Then click on bandwidth report:


5. As you can see in this page there are date selectors that allows you to select the period of time that you want to generate a report. Once you select the dates, click on “Display Report”. Just like shown on previous steps,  you can export the report by clicking on the “Export Report” button. Besides that, you can view a more detailed report by clicking on the blue lantern icon:


6. The WebsitePanel reports also lets you see a more detailed view of the bandwidth used in any given period of time:


This Concludes Report Viewing in WebsitePanel

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