Removing privacy options – Oxwall 1.8

If you would like to remove certain privacy options you will need to look into the source code of a corresponding plugin. Usually an action is declared within the public function genericInit() .

Let’s take the “Photo” plugin as an example. It adds “Who can view my photo albums” action into the “Privacy” plugin. To remove this privacy setting you will need to edit ow_plugins/photo/classes/event_handler.php file.

Line to remove: $em->bind(‘plugin.privacy.get_action_list’, array($this, ‘addPrivacyAction’));

Another example, “Blogs” plugin. It adds “Who can view my blogs” action. To remove it you will need to edit ow_plugins/blogs/classes/event_handler.php file.
Action to remove:

$action = array(
‘pluginKey’ => ‘blogs’,
‘label’ => $language->text(‘blogs’, ‘privacy_action_view_blog_posts’),
‘description’ => ”,
‘defaultValue’ => ‘everybody’


This is a fairly easy fix and with the examples above, you should have no problems hunting down those other permissions.

I hope you guys find this information useful. As always, make sure to check out Arvixe for the best hosting deals on the web and check out Oxwall Support for all your custom Oxwall needs!ox

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