Remove Duplicate Content from Your Store for Better SEO Results

Some community users report that there are duplicate content in their store. For example, the following two product urls are linked to the same product content:

The first product url is shown in the catalog listing. And the second product url is shown in the new products listing page. But, both of them are linked to the same product info page. It means multiple URLs are containing the same content. This can create a lot of problems for search engines, and so for the best search engine optimization (SEO) results, you should remove it from your store.

This issue was solved in TomatoCart v1.1.8.5. If you are using the old version, you could also apply the following changes for your store to remove the duplicate content.

Step 1. Download the package from

Step 2. Unzip it and you will see the following directories:


You just need to copy the includes, templates and .htaccess into the TomatoCart directory on your server. You have to override directories and files if your copy process request confirmation.

Note: if you modified the same files in the package, please don’t override them because it will impact your customization.

After applying the above two steps:

1. Remove duplication – product url in the categories, new products and specials products listing page

2. Using rel=”canonical” links to remove the duplication in the products listing searched by manufacturer

3. Make the urls of new products and specials be seo friendly

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