Redirect Manager in Joomla

Joomla has several useful and practical components, in this case I will go into details on the Redirect Manager. This component provides a mechanism to give an Administrator the ability to redirect a URL of a web page which no longer exists to a working web page. The following steps show how to access:

  1. First, log in as administrator on your website, then in the top menu click Components -> Redirect: menu component Redirect Manager in Joomla Note: You must activate the plugin and the Use Apache mod_rewrite option enabled in your Joomla installation Global Configuration options. plugin manager Redirect Manager in Joomla
  2. From this section, you can manage the redirect. Actions such as create new, edit, enable, disable, archive or delete: Redirect Manager in Joomla
    • New: Opens the editing screen to create a new redirect.
    • Edit: Opens the editing screen for the selected redirect. The editing screen can also be opened by clicking on the Title or Name of the redirect.
    • Enable: Makes the selected redirects available for use on your website.
    • Disable: Makes the selected redirects unavailable for use on your website.
    • Archive: Changes the status of the selected redirects to indicate that they are archived.
    • Trash: Changes the status of the selected redirects to indicate that they are trashed.

And that’s it! This tool helps us maintain an updated site and without broken links. This is important for proper maintenance.

This concludes Redirect Manager in Joomla.

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