RatePanda WHMCS Integration

Did you know, customer reviews is ranked as a top influence for customers when deciding to make a purchase? If you’re running an eCommerce store or running any online service, you should really consider your review strategy as it could just increase your conversion rates by a significant percentage.

In this article, I am going to show you how you can integrate RatePanda (a hosted reviews platform) into WHMCS, a web hosting billing application which we offer for free with our reseller and VPS packages here at Arvixe.

1. Download the integration files

The integration files is what does the magic for you. It creates a new page within WHMCS and integrates the Embed Public Page widget within WHMCS.

You can download these files from here (or https://www.ratepanda.com/dl/whmcs.zip)

2. Get your company ID

For the integration to work, you need to set the relevant company ID in the file: reviews.tpl (described in step 3). To do this, simply navigate to your RatePanda admin area and open your companies dashboard.

Once in the dashboard, look at the address bar within your browser, the numbers at the end would be your company ID. For example, if the address is: https://www.ratepanda.com/companies/manage/225 then your company ID is: 225

3. Required changes

Now that you have your company ID, open up the ‘reviews.tpl’ (located in the directory: templates/*Your Active Template*/) file that you downloaded in step 1. Once opened in your preferred text editor, look for the line:

<iframe src="https://www.ratepanda.com/companies/viewe/XXX" width="100%" height="460px" style="border: 0"></iframe>

See the XXX at the end of the URL in the code above? Simply replace this with your companies ID which you got from step 2.

4. Upload the files

With that done, you just need to upload your files to your WHMCS installation as instructed below:

reviews.php – This goes into the root of your WHMCS installation. So if your WHMCS has been installed in example.com/clients/, reviews.php will be need to be uploaded to the /clients/ directory.

reviews.tpl – This goes into your active template folder (whmcs-directory/template/*your-active-template*).

5. Thats it!

Now, when you visit your-whmcs.com/directory/reviews.php, you should see the RatePanda widget loading enabling you to gather reviews!

An example of the end result can be found in the following screenshot:


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