Quick Reference: Textpattern User Permissions


In my previous article I introduced the different Textpattern CMS user roles and permission. I promised you I’d make a quick reference for users and their permissions – and here it is. The permission is listed in the first column, and the user roles follow. I’ve abbreviated the table to make it more legible:

  • P = Publisher
  • ME = Managing Editor
  • CE = Copy Editor
  • SW = Staff Writer
  • F = Freelancer
  • D = Designer

A check mark indicates that the permission is assigned to the relevant user level. Please note this table is accurate for the current version of Textpattern (4.5.5 at the time of writing). Previous releases may have had different permissions and future versions may, of course, have permissions changed, added or removed.

Permission P ME CE SW F D
Log into admin interface
Edit users and their details
List users and their details
Delete own articles
Delete articles
Edit articles
Edit published articles
Edit own articles
Edit own published articles
Preview an article
Publish an article
Use PHP in an article
Access to the Article tab
Access to the Categories tab
Access to the Styles (CSS) tab
Toggle verbose debug logging
Toggle backtrace in debug logging
Access to Diagnostics tab
Access to Comments tab
Access to Files tab
Edit files
Edit own files
Delete files
Delete own files
Publish a file
Access to the Forms tab
Access to the Images tab
Upload a larger variety of image file types
Edit images
Edit own images
Delete images
Delete own images
Access to Import tab
Access to Links tab
Edit links
Edit own links
Delete links
Delete own links
Access to Visitor Logs tab
Access to Pages tab
Access to Plugins tab
Access to Preferences tab
Access to Sections tab
Edit Sections
Access to Admin tab
Access to Content tab
Access to Extensions tab
Access to Presentation tab
Use tag builder in Write tab

Next time I’ll be showing you the fundamentals of user management in Textpattern. I hope you can join me.

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