Protecting your Elgg Network

Security is always a priority. Spammers are a big threat to elgg networks, that’s why in this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to protect your elgg network in elgg


Spammers are a big problem for websites and specially elgg networks. Once spammers get through, they create spam content and every time something is posted, it wastes server resources. Over the past few months, I’ve been writing techniques to fight spammers however the most effective one that I’ve been testing is changing the URL of the registration page.

Getting Started

1. First, you need download the community plugin Registration Randomizer for Elgg 1.8

2. Install the plugin in the mod folder of your elgg network. Sign into your elgg site with the Administrator account and go to the Administration Dashboard.

3. Go to menu “Configure -> Plugins”:

elgg admin dashboard plugins

4. Now, activate the “Registration Randomizer 0.1” plugin:

activate randomizer elgg

5. Finally, after activating the plugin, each time a user try to access the registration page, the plugin will create a unique URL to prevent attacks from spammers:

random registration address elgg

In addition to that, it also checks the referrer of the registration action, in order to prevent automated bots from creating multiple users.

During testing, this tool has been extremely effective, and because of that it is highly recommended to use it.

This concludes Protecting elgg against spammers

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Happy Hosting!

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